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Are you ready for it?

Today is THE day:  Black Friday.  Are you ready for it?


I absolutely believe in venturing out and shopping locally ~ this is just so important.  If you’re not going to do that today, please make sure to do so sometime during this holiday season.

If you’re opting to stay in ~ I’ve got some smokin’ discounts on a few of your favorites sites, and some you may not be as familiar with:

  • ASOS – 30% off your order starting now thru 11/30 (8PM EST) w/code TGIBF
  • C. Wonder – 40% off everything in store & online thru 11/30 plus free shipping on orders over $100
  • Express – 50% off everything in store & online thru midnight tonight plus free shipping on orders over $50
  • IN PINK – TODAY buy 3 get 30% off jewelry, w/code: PINKF30, buy 4 get 40% off jewerly, w/code: PINKF40, buy 5 get 50% off jewelry, w/code: PINKF50
  • J.Crew Factory – 50% off everything (prices marked) now thru 11/30 plus free shipping on orders over $50 w/code: THANKS
  • Jessica Buurman – special Christmas sale with some items up to 70% thru 12/31 additional 15% off w/code: XMASLOVE
  • Lulu’s – TODAY  up to 40% off sitewide w/mystery code
  • Madewell – 25% off your order now thru 11/30 w/code: GIFTON
  • Shecloth – Up to 70% special sale items thru 12/3 extra $5 off orders over $100 w/code: EXTRA5
  • Shop Sosie – save $10 when you spend over $50 w/code: SAVE10 ~  save $45 when you spend over $150 w/code: SAVE45

snowwhite(Yep. Using this again.)

READY???  Let’s shop!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 28, 2014 | 1 comment


So I See

Recently, I broke a pair of my favorite eyeglasses during an early morning, fumble around with my hand in the dark, alarm buzzing shut off.  And nothing …


… not even strumming on my old ge-tar…  could make me feel any better.  I was bummed.

But then, I received an email from the global online optical store, Firmoo, asking if I would like to try out a pair of their eyeglasses and talk about the process.

Are you kidding me, Firmoo?  HOW did you know I was in need of a new pair of specs and


NOW I can barely contain myself!

Ok.  All joking aside.  All of the above really did happen, well, except for maybe the strumming part, but I was, however, already familiar with Firmoo.  Firmoo is known for their reasonable pricing, immense selection of eyewear and their cool virtual try-on system ~ where all you have to do is download a selfie and see how you look in a frame style.

So, how cold I possibly pass up  this very gracious offer?  After careful consideration, I selected these eyeglasses that just so happen to also be unisex.

firmoo collage

It was easy.  And mine arrived in less than a week and the prescription was correct.   I’m a happy girl.

Now I know that ordering eyewear online might be scary to someone at first,  so I would encourage you to read all about Firmoo’s exchange and return policy first.  (You can read that here.)

But if it’s pricing that you are concerned with,  then check this out:  starting this Friday through December 1st,  all Firmoo frames are 50% off.


Really?   Yep, except for the already discounted products … 50% off!

Happy shopping everyone!  And a very Happy Thanksgiving as well.  XO

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 26, 2014 | 12 comments

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Helping Others

I love companies that give back.

By now, I’m sure you are all familiar with TOMS ~ a company that for every product you purchase, they will help a person in need: One for One.  And, it was only just recently that I blogged about Warby Parker who operates under a similar philosophy, distributing eyewear to those who need them whenever a purchase of eyeglasses is made.   Two fine examples of businesses that are helping to improve peoples lives.

So when Twice As Warm asked if I might help spread the message about their Circle of Warmth Infinity Scarf, I was more than happy to comply.

twist 1

You see, for every Twice As Warm item that you purchase, Twice As Warm will give one of their clothing items to a person in need on your behalf.

My cute Circle of Warmth Infinity Scarf is super warm, snuggly and can be worn in a variety of ways:

twist collage

But more importantly, a purchase of this scarf ensures that an item of clothing will be given to someone who really needs it and can help keep them warm.

Twice As Warm’s mission is to spread warmth to people and communities worldwide and was recently highlighted in Family Circle Magazine.  It was in this article that I discovered even more “Buy One and One is Given” companies.  ALL of them doing such terrific and amazing things.

So as the holiday season is now officially upon us and we start the process of purchasing our holiday gifts ~ please consider gifts that give back to your community and other communities around the world, as well.


Because helping others never goes out of style.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 24, 2014 | 4 comments

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Curly Q

Full Disclosure:  I received this KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler to test drive and was asked to provide my honest opinion.


Even More Disclosure:  SOOO thrilled that I did because this thing pretty much ROCKS!

Ok, let me back up.  So when KISS reached out to me a few weeks ago to see if I would like to give the KISS InstaWave  fully automatic tangle-free curler a try, my first thought was “I’m pretty sure my hair is way too short”  and was quickly followed by the  “I am far too curling-iron-challenged to figure out how to operate that thing” thought. 

Hence my forever ponytail.

I advised KISS that I was more than happy to give it a whirl but, you know, THIS


is what I’m working with.  Shorter … thinner … never-holds-a-curl kind of hair.  But, hey ~ I’m GAME.  I took it out of the box and did what I would advise you to do:  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

kiss _ how to use

(This is just a quick instruction overview ~ the detailed instructions are inside the box.)   So I read the instructions and was, therefore,  ready to roll … pun intended.

Ok ~ so the KISS InstaWave retails for $59.99, it’s got a 1 inch ceramic Ionic barrel and a really big button.


When you get your hair section ready ~ you press the button, the prongs spin around and the InstaWave Curl Dial catches your hair and creates the curls for you.  There’s a High/Low temperature setting with max heat of 420° F.  You can curl with either hand because of the swivel cord,  AND


the Left/Right diagonal switch (otherwise known as that really big button)  allows you to curl away from your face or towards your face.  It even shuts itself off after 90 minutes.

Alright.  All that sounds great, but the big question is ~ will it actually work on MY hair?

I grabbed my first selection of hair, followed the instructions and

Kiss 4444jl

Voila! Now, that curl may not seem like much to you, but you have never met my “I refuse to hold any kind of curl”  hair.  You can do tighter curls or more beachy waves depending on how many seconds you hold the curl for.

But let me please just tell you ~ the slightest curl is a real shocker!


Hey!  Look at me.  Now I’m just being cocky.

The process did take a little bit of getting used and I know I can only get better at it.  Practice makes perfect.  I also had lots of questions going in … however, they were pretty much all answered here.

And, so ~ for my first time trying it out,  what was my final verdict?


Whaddaya think I think? 


Kinda cute.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 21, 2014 | 10 comments


Premier Designs GIVEAWAY

I was aware that my girlfriend, Jalene,  sold the Premier Designs jewelry line.  But I simply hadn’t paid enough attention to it,  until I saw her wearing this necklace that can be worn a multitude of ways.


That’s kind of the beauty of Premier Designs because most of their items can be twisted, wrapped, layered, adjusted, converted, etc. to create so many different looks,  there are oodles of YouTube videos out there entirely devoted to showing you how.

So I advised Jalene (also known as Jalene the Jewelry Chick ) that I’d really like to learn more.  When we met, the first thing that caught my eye from the Premier Designs Christmas Edition catalog was this Avery ring ~ which appeared to be very similar to a ring I had spyed on stylist and designer,  Rachel Zoe.

premring collage

I enjoyed pairing it with the (set of 2) Pompeii bracelets.  The snap ring closure reverses from matte to shine.

THEN, I spotted the Frost necklace and couldn’t resist the urge to channel the fabulous Ms. Coco ChanelAnd she always puckered JUST like this … or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

premierfrost collage

I am actually wearing two Frost necklaces.  I like that you can wrap it around your wrist many times or open the clasp and wear it as a belt.  (Of which,  I did …  Just like Coco.)

Now, I do admit to squealing out loud during our meeting when I saw this Grande Entrance bracelet and this Spotlight bracelet …

prembrace collage

… because I totally need some new bling for the forthcoming holidays.  And, speaking of …

premday coll

Jalene wanted to make sure that I saw this 12 days bracelet.  I mean, talk about a super cute holiday gift and,  let’s face it …


how many times have you forgotten the words to that Christmas carol?  This bracelet can help.

So, as much fun as I’m having learning more about Premier Designs Jewelry, it’s not NEARLY as much fun as I’m about to have by informing you that Jalene would like to give one lucky More Than Turquoise follower these earrings, this  necklace AND this watch.  

premgive collage

YES ~ All three pieces!  How great is that?  (and you don’t have to live in New Mexico to participate)


You will receive a brand new Decadent necklace, Noteworthy earrings and the Take Time watch  ~ all nicely packaged and stuffed inside a fabulous Christmas stocking.

Just follow the below easy steps to enter this awesome GIVEAWAY.  And, because Premier Design Jewelry is a “Get the girls together for some fun!”  shopping experience,  you might want to host a “get together” experience of your own ~ if so,  just click here.

Being a Hostess of a “Gathering” could make you eligible to receive up to 60% of your Gatherings retail sales back in free jewelry, plus it’s fun!  Or  you can simply shop the catalog online and contact Jalene directly via this link, if something catches your fancy.  (The winner of the Giveaway package, however, is under no obligation to host a gathering and/or to make any kind of purchase.)

  • Enter the words “Premier Designs”  in the comment section of this blog post. One entry per person.
  • Giveaway open to US only.  Entrants must be 18 or older. Family members of More Than Turquoise are not eligible.
  • Giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on Nov 26, 2014.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.  The Holidays are upon us!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 19, 2014 | 66 comments

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Snow Hero

I am a planner.   If you know me, this is just such a huge understatement. 

You see … I always plan where I’m going, what I’m wearing, what I will write about and what day I should release every single blog post that I ever create.  And at the moment, I’m just talking about blogging.  I pretty much plan out every OTHER aspect of my life, too.  Don’t I just sound like tons of fun?

RARELY do I ever deviate from my plan.  And so, after carefully selecting my outfit and knowing just the perfect spot to pose in front of (the most beautiful vines with their leaves recently changed to dramatic fall colors growing for years across the walls one of my favorite buildings in town), my husband and I ventured out of our house only to encounter this:


ARRGGHH ~ I brought no coat with me! …  And isn’t this going to impact my Big Plan?

All I had wanted to do was take a few pictures of how my cute ZARA vest, that I’ve been waiting to wear and scored a major deal on, paired so nicely with my Forever 21 scarf and with the rest of my outfit. Clearly those fabulous wall vines were not in my future and we seriously just needed to turn around and go home.  Boo Hoo …  I cried out to my husband.  Boo Hoo. 

But THEN, my sweet husband pulled over to a random building, allowed me to dash out of the car and he stood in the snow and snapped away just so that I could have a few outfit shots, release my blog post today and stick to the majority of my unchangeable plan.


SUPER CUTE, right?  I know.  Who cares?  I feel so bad for my husband getting all snowed upon. 


Perhaps if I changed my pose … maybe I’d feel better about this?  Nope.  I’m under here  ~  He’s out there.

OK, so I’ll just quickly show you my new over-the-knee boots that were such an awesomely inexpensive price. SEE???


Oh yeah ~ and so here are a few other over-the-knee boots you might like … which was the subject I had PLANNED to discuss on my blog post for today … Whoopie-Doo.

Riddled with guilt, and loving my husband even more, I decided that the rest of the day would be spent ANY way he would like it to be.  Whatever he wanted to do, we will do it.  I’d even watch whatever movie or TV show he would like to watch, because my husband is my SNOW HERO.  He really went the extra mile for me and I knew I pretty much owed him one.

Formula One Racing and This Old House ~ Yeah.  I’d say we’re even. 

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Nov 17, 2014 | 13 comments

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