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Local Love

So we all know the importance of shopping locally.  Equally as important is to also purchase items locally made.  Lucky for ME,  this chamois chenille cardigan is “all that” and more!


Made in Northern New Mexico and sold at Diva D’Luxe, this gorgeous, snuggly sweater is just what I need as the New Mexico temperature continues to drop.  I paired it with some of my favorite locally crafted Native American jewelry and finally got to break out my cowboy boots. 

sweaterJLI am now one happy camper because trends can come and trends can go… but this look never goes out of style!

And now, lucky for YOU ~ Diva D’luxe is hosting a Sip and Shop and will be serving Champers and Chow  TODAY from 2PM-6PM and my sweater, along with many others, will be available for a limited time immediate purchase and/or special order.  Diva D’Luxe is hosting this special trunk show to highlight New Mexican designed and New Mexican made sweaters.  And may I please just say ~ FAB is not enough of a word to describe.

If you don’t live in the Albuquerque area and would love to own one of these beautiful New Mexican made sweaters,  simply contact Diva D’Luxe directly by clicking here.  And if you don’t live in New Mexico but have always wanted to visit …


What exactly are you waiting for?

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I’ve Tried It ~ TWICE

So what caused me …


to toss (some seriously potentially dirty)


leaves in the air …


without a second thought or care in the world?

Well  ~ I tried out Golden Tote and not only did I have a great experience, it was actually quite fun.  So I was feelin’ kinda giddy about it!

Here’s The Scoopage: Golden Tote launches 2 sales the first Monday of every month.  The first sale is for $49 ~ where you select 1 item and then they surprise you with 1 or 2 additional items.  The other sale is for $149 ~ and you select 2 items and they will then surprise you with 3 to 5 additional items.

To me, the fun part is to see what that “surprise” actually is.  Your surprise will be based on how you completed your “style profile” and will additionally be tailored to your body shape.  Read all about how the Golden Tote program works here.

So I have now tried the $49 sale  ~ TWICE! Here’s how it went for me.  For the month of October, I selected this plaid button down shirt.


Not only for the colors,  but also for the cute hood action in the back.


THEN, they surprised me with this aztec print cardigan  ~ which I wore out for Thai food and had at least 2 fashionistas inquire about it.

aztjlThey also inquired about my shoes, my belt, my ear cuff and faux leather shorts but, girls…I can’t give away ALL my secrets.

And my first experience with Golden Tote was back in September when I selected this grey dress


and was surprised with this grey, gold and silver striped tunic that I wore recently on one of my Fashion Forward segments on 2 KASA Style.


You should know, however, that Golden Tote is an “all or nothing” deal.  In other words, you keep ALL of the items you receive or ALL of the items are to be returned.  But I, frankly, have been very pleased with Golden Tote and plan on trying it out again.

Is it the first Monday in November yet??? 

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Oct 29, 2014 | 3 comments

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Elevating The Spirit

Lucretius said, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other” … and my dear friend, Janis, took that message to heart.  This one statement inspired her to create an entire jewelry line.

celebrate 1

Ruidoso painter and jewelry designer, Janis Loverin, creates art that elevates the spirit.  Her jewelry (beautifully named Earth Angels Fine Jewelry) is designed to bless each individual it touches with comfort, strength, peace and serenity.

Janis, herself is beautiful ~ equally as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  As a former Miss New Mexico 1970, there is just a loveliness to her that you simply don’t find in many individuals.

And when I wear her jewelry, I feel beautiful and strong and … at peace.


Loving how I’m feeling, I figured layering multiple pieces could only make me feel even better!

ringJlewNecklaces I am wearing:

  • “Divine Companion” 18kt white gold w/diamond halo on “Strands of Light” diamond chain
  • “Hearts Desire” pink and white Baroques
  • “Frills” pink Baroque, rounds, and keishi

But my favorite piece from Earth Angels Fine Jewelry is:

ringJlew1the “Twin Spirits” ring w/diamonds.  I love it, love it, love it!

So much so…

lov collagethat I kind of can’t stop wearing it!

And I was super thrilled to be able to drape myself in the “Faith” Sterling silver rosary w/diamonds and 9-10mm white Baroques, the Janis Loverin Signature strand w/8mm white rounds  and the Janis Loverin Signature strand  w/ 9-10mm white Baroques that I wore to the fabulous Diner en Blanc Albuquerque ~

whitejanis11 ~ where we were  instructed to wear our most elegant best!

The Janis Loverin Earth Angel Fine Jewelry collection is sold exclusively at The Adobe Fine Art Gallery and perhaps one of the most beautiful things about experiencing this collection is that Janis donates a portion of all sale proceeds to charities that help children.   You can view the entire line here and every piece in the collection can be special ordered.

But just so you know ~ neither Janis, the Adobe Fine Art Gallery nor myself  can be held responsible for the Magical Syncronicity side effect you may feel while wearing her jewelry!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Oct 27, 2014 | 5 comments

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Dragging My Feet

Sometimes I stop and wonder…


why it is that I can accept some trends so easily…


and others take a while to grow on me ~ like the double cuff trend.


This look has been around for sooo long now.  What exactly is my problem?


I think it’s because I’ve just never wanted to invest in 2 of the exact same bracelet before ~ but when these ($6 each! I caught them on major sale, as the gold are $22) cuffs from Ily Couture landed in my email IN box,  it would have been kind of cray cray not to give it a try.

I highly recommend you email subscribe to their site because their sales are AMAZING ~ and will land in your IN box too! (Yes ~ I’m feeling your love).


Should we talk about how long I was holding out on the embellished shoulder trend?

Don’t wait on me … shop the look:

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Oct 22, 2014 | 10 comments

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The Perfect Combo

I got it!

leoJ(Uh huh…That’s right…)

I can now officially check the studded handbag off my Fall “Must Have” Hit List.  But I didn’t just get any ‘ole studded handbag ~ I got an Animal Print Studded Handbag.  Yessiree.  Animal Print + a Studded Handbag = The Perfect Combo!  I love this bag so much, it’s almost as if it carries my genes.

And I intentionally purchased a larger bag so that it would, in fact, carry my jeans ~ which makes me love it even more.  ♥ ♥ ♥

Other perfect combo handbags to love:

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Oct 20, 2014 | 5 comments

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Because I’m Happy

If you know me, then you know that Fall is my FAVORITE season of the year.

pJ1(similar dress, clutch, collar, earrings, ring and booties)

You see ~ as the weather starts to get cooler…


then I start to get …


Happy …




HAPPY!    (any kind of sale, by the way, also make me happy).

And when I’m feelin’ this good, I like to break out great Fall colors like charcoal grey and aubergine. ~ and pair them with my turquoise. (which…OH HEY…makes me really happy too)!


So let’s see:  Is it my favorite season?  Yep.   Am I wearing great Fall colors?  Yep. Yep.    AND I’m also rockin’ the turquoise?  Ohhh, Yeahhh!

Pharrell has got nothin’ on me!  :)

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Oct 15, 2014 | 4 comments

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