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My sale-dar has locked on the following smokin’ deals and I will shop them sometime over this Labor Day weekend:  You can too.  Just click on any image you’d like to know more about.


From all of the above, I ~ for sures ~ plan on purchasing these:



These sweet notecards are my personal fave and are always great to have on hand:



And this necklace will appear on my neck very, very soon:


Wishing everyone a happy, relaxing and deal-snagging weekend!


Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 29, 2014 | 12 comments

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It’s A Date

One day, I lost everything on my cell phone. Yes, everything.  Appointments, pictures, contact information ~ all gone.  Numerous attempts to retrieve the data, and a visit to the Apple store was unsuccessful.  This was, of course, before I really understood important things like syncing and the iCloud and all that stuff.  Did someone just say “Duhhh”?

That experience taught me something.  I am far too reliant on my phone.  I mean…seriously. What IF you lost your phone?  So call me paranoid OR call me the SMARTEST, CHICEST fashionista in town because I just purchased this fabulous Graphic Image Datebook.  It was the worst feeling ever to not know what I had scheduled for the day, week, month. But NO MORE!  I can check that big ‘ole fear off my list.

leather date

(Like the one above?  Just click here ~  they have lots of colors to choose from.)

Graphic Image creates luxurious leather goods that are amazingly affordable.   I’m a big fan of their leather mini phone cases, as well as their IPad cases.  But while poking around their site, I spotted these other great leather items:


Like this entertaining book for the mixologist and gardener you might know, or these beautiful leather writing pens:


I love these gorgeous coasters:


and these colorful passport covers:


One of the BEST things about Graphic Image is their sister company, GiGi New York ~  a company I have been blogging about for quite some time now.  Remember this yummy clutch?  It’s a GiGi!


Many of the items on each site can be personalized and both sites are currently offering a promotion of 15% off from now until September 8, 2014.  Just use code: FALLFASHION.  Perfect, because I’ve been eye-balling this, this and this.

So although I still use my phone for everything else, I just feel like I can’t trust it for my calendar.  Not to mention, my phone would never look as good as this UNLESS I covered it with one of these!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 27, 2014 | 8 comments

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Rooftop View

There’s nothing quite like a rooftop view.  From up here, you have 360º views of the entire city.  So let’s see I spy, with my eagle eye…


TWO big trends for fall.

Firstly, the quilted bag (which, frankly, stays strong season after season. THAT is a bag to invest in.  Does the word Chanel mean anything to you?)  although this is the hot bag at the moment.


And the other trend being python or snakeskin ~ like the pop in my shoes.


So, gosh.  It’s totally FAB up here!  I could see myself hanging around here all day ~ unless someone yells out something important like “FIRE”… or… “SALE” ~ then I’m outta here.


Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 25, 2014 | 6 comments

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Seeing Red

RED:  A color that is bright and warm ~ A color associated with excitement and love ~ AND a color that can evoke strong emotions.


I am personally not afraid of red. I think red has guts.


Be BRAVE.  Start with just few accent pieces, like my shoes or my ring.

Or try the perfect pop of RED like that found in this necklace from local artisan, Patti Farley.  Her jewelry can be purchased at Diva D’Luxe or you can contact Patti directly at 505-856-1667.


Because if this stunning necklace doesn’t get your heart racing ~ nothing will.    L-O-V-E  the necklace, Patti!  ♥


Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 18, 2014 | 13 comments

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Skin Saver

It seems that every once in a blue moon I will conduct a review of a beauty product ~ but when Valentia Skin Care, the creators of Even Glow Serum offered to send me a full sized sample, I simply couldn’t pass it up.  NOT because this was at no cost to me, but because it just so happened my skin was in desperate need of this type of product.


Some of you may have spotted me lately on 2 KASA Style as part of their “Fashion Friday” segment.  After each show, I have been attaching the latest video of my appearance to my blog’s press pageWait.  Did y’all not know that I have been doing a little bit of TV …and seriously… did you also not know that I have a press page?  Anyhoo ~ when  you wear more TV-type makeup, you start to see a change in your skin’s appearance…and not in a good way.

And, so my first thought about all of this was: Did someone tell Valentia Skin Care  that my skin was in tragic condition? and then my next thought was: How quickly can it get here?


So, every few hours, minutes, seconds days I would peek out to my front door step and magically, as if all parties involved knew there was a dire need for this ~ it arrived in just 2 days.  I have now been using this product and let me please tell you what I think.

The Even Glow Serum is designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, boost collagen production and even out your skin tone.  Besides the yummy smell of the product, and the natural ingredients,  the first thing I have noticed is the evenness of my skin tone and my makeup goes on much smoother! It may seem weird, but I do think some of my fine lines are subsiding and I can’t wait to see if the collagen production starts to increase.

And so, even though this was a sponsored post and I received this product as part of an advertorial…here’s how I’m feelin’ about it:


Now ~ what I’d really like to know is… Can I slather this all over my body?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 15, 2014 | 4 comments

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On the road to success

The Central New Mexico (CNM) Community College Foundation’s sole purpose is to provide the extra financial assistance necessary for CNM students to stay in school and graduate with a certificate or Associate’s degree.  And so,  in keeping with this purpose, the CNM Foundation provides support for scholarships and endowments designed to honor academic success.


Every year,  the CNM Foundation Donor Appreciation Dinner honors individuals, corporate and community supporters for their financial support of student scholarships and programs.  My husband and I have attended this dinner for many years, because we LOVE hearing from the scholarship recipients as they share their personal stories.

It is at this dinner where the donors and the community sponsors really learn how the value of their investment impacts these students. On the evening of Thursday, August 28, 2014 ~ we will hear from 5 of them. BTW ~ these 5 student speakers were nominated by academic advisors, achievement coaches, deans and directors. 

I am super excited about THIS year’s Donor Dinner, as I was asked to assist some of these amazing students by styling them for the big event! The students were “game” and good sports, as well. So with a little help from fashion experts Dara, from Runway Apparel and Catherine, of Stella and Dot, we got down to stylin’ business. Here we are “BEFORE”:

CNMJL(Dara, Catherine, Student: Troy, Student: Danielle, and Moi)

cnmJL11(Dara, Catherine, Student: Sally, Student: Patti and Moi)

At the Donor Dinner, each student will be sporting new outfits, along with spectacular accessories. Oh ~ and guess what else?  Aveda Institute of New Mexico will be pampering the students before the big night!  The guys will receive new haircuts and the gals will have their hair and makeup done.

disney Well, geez… all this fab stuff ALMOST makes me want to go back to school.

Now ~ I know all of you are going to want to see the “AFTER”, as well as hear each students personal story…but the only way you can do this is to join us at the CNM Foundation Donor Dinner.  If you’re interested in attending this wonderful event, and/or learn more about the Foundation itself, just click here.

What ’til you see what I’m going to be wearing…!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Aug 13, 2014 | 12 comments

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