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The happiest of endings…and a little sneakiness

Ok, so last Friday I had about an hour to blow before an appointment.   I decided to venture into T.J. Maxx  (cuz I’m a Maxxinista…aren’t you?) to just, you know, poke around and see if there was anything in there that I just HAD to have.

There were, as usual, lots of great deals and I didn’t really realize when time had gotten away from me.   I was about to leave when something amazing caught my eye.

THERE IT WAS ~ this beautifully embellished bohemian clutch  just laying there, daring me to pick it up.  I didn’t yet own one of these (majorly on trend) boho-chic clutches and I have, in fact, been eyeballing them lately.

boho collage<<<  one  >>>  <<<  two  >>>  <<<  three  >>>  <<<  four  >>>

Because I was now running late, I had to leave in a hurry. I begrudgingly released the crazy glue like grip I had on the purse.

Friday evening…Saturday all day and night..and obsessively into Sunday, all I could think about was that purse.   But I couldn’t get away ~ I had a jam packed weekend.

WHY DID I NOT BUY IT when it was in my grubby little hands?  WHY did I not call my Friday appointment and explain that I was simply running late due to an unforeseen (shopping) emergency?

double_facepalmDouble face palm!         

I am, at this point, now contemplating anything that mildly resembles BOHO because I just know that “my” purse is gone:

boho1 coll<<< one  >>>  <<<  two  >>>  <<<  three  >>>  <<<  four  >>>

<<<  five  >>>  <<<  six  >>>  <<<  seven  >>>  <<<  eight  >>>

All really terrific options. I love them, but…

First thing Monday morning,  there I stood, waiting for T.J. Maxx to open.  I watch every employee arrive.  Tick tock… TICK TOCK!

This story does have a happy ending, as I am now the proud owner of the “goes with everything!” bag.


bh collageAnd do you know why?  I may have been in a huge hurry but I am NO shopping rookie ~ this is not my first rodeo.  I did what every good professional shopper does.  I had strategically hid it where no one would not even THINK to  look…in the “gifts for men” section, next to the car fresheners and the travel mugs.

Hiding things where they clearly don’t belong works, ladies.  That’s my sneaky little tip for you.

happy to serveHappy to serve.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Apr 16, 2014 | 7 comments

I’m only half on trend. What?… MOI?

On this past trip to France (oops, I promised on my Friday blog post that it would be my last mention of France) overseas, there were two trends that I kept seeing everywhere on every fashionista.

The first trend was the long vest, also known as the sleeveless waistcoat and/or the boyfriend vest.

vest coll 1I scored mine from Zara… and I love it!

Others vests that you members of the Fashion Club might consider:

good vest<<<   Navy   >>>  <<<   White   >>>  <<<   Pink   >>>  <<<   Black   >>>

ME LIKEY this trend so much, I also purchased this light blue chambray one. 

lbvest collSuper glad that I did because this color vest is currently VERY popular (mine is already sold out) I spent hours on the net scouring for another one.  Click here, if you’d like a similar (and inexpensive) version for yourself.

Whew ~ I almost missed out on this color vest which would be…like…TRAGIC.

Now, the other trend that was seen on every European Beauty was the drop-crotch pant.

dc collage<<<  Barbara I. Gongini Pants   >> >    <<<  Rick Owens Pants   >>>

That’s right, the drop-crotch pants.  Every time I turned around, there they were ~ and they really did look great on some gals.

homer bushBut I am simply pretending that I …never…even…saw…these…pants…and…

…telling everyone that I am, of course, 100% on trend for the season.


Because what would really be tragic is me in some crazy pair of MC Hammer pants.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Apr 14, 2014 | 12 comments

One last French post…

I think the French are really great at a lot of things, but Leaders Of The Pack at one thing in particular: COOKING.

So, today I thought I would share with you what I just learned about how to make THE perfect french omelet and pass along some fun tips, as well.  Some of these tips may even shock you.

omelette(image: bored doe)

1:  You must dedicate one  (1) pan to making omelets ONLY.  Nothing else.  Your chicken breast, turkey bacon and quesadilla shall never make contact with this pan…EVER.

angry_brush_girlGot it? Or me, my dog and my hair brush are comin’ over. ONE pan!

2:  You only need 1 tablespoon of butter, or slightly less. Crank up the burner to medium-high and melt the butter.  When it foams and begins to subside, then you tip and roll the pan to insure the bottom and the sides are coated with butter.

3: Add 2 eggs lightly beaten with a fork.  Do NOT pulverize the yolks and the eggs whites (like I do) and do NOT add water, milk or any of your omelet fillings.  You should see chunks of yoke and egg white.  DO add salt and pepper.

4:  (trickiest part) With a fork make 2-3 circle motions around the bottom while you tip and roll the pan with the other hand. This creates the “layers” in the omelet and it only takes a few seconds. Then lower the heat to medium-low.

chefFeeling like a French chef yet?

5: Add any filling on top of the omelet.  NOTE:  This means you had to pre-cook whatever this is.  Mushrooms, chicken, etc. .. then add cheese, whatever. 

6: Turn off the heat.  Your eggs will continue to cook.  When the egg is the consistency you want (a slightly runny egg produces the most moist and tender omelet) just fold one edge of the omelet towards the center and lift the handle of your pan and roll the omelet onto your pan.  Voilà!

The last (somewhat shocking, but yet apparently this is “old school” French) tip I learned…you should never clean your designated omelet pan with dish soap and water.

funny_cat_pictures_318After the omelet is made, sprinkle the pan generously with ordinary table salt and let the pan sit.  The salt absorbs the butter and later you just wipe it, and any trace of food, away.  (Hey ~  I am simply the messenger here. You can decide if you’re  going to clean your pan this way or not.  I’m thinkin’ I might stick to soap and hot water and just stock pile a bunch of pans in the house).

What I do know FOR SURE is once you try this omelet cooking method, your tummy is going to say Très Bien”!

You’re welcome.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Apr 11, 2014 | 14 comments


The French authorities asked me to leave

Why? Because I purchased every pair of shoes in France that were available in my size.  I did.  EVERY single pair.  And I enjoyed every moment of it… until it was time for me to pack my suitcase.   Did you know that you can cram 6 pairs of shoes in your handbag?

So I’m back ~ and what a FAB time I had with my girlfriend!  I know that many of you followed along via Instagram and Twitter, but if you didn’t, please allow me to share our little adventure with you.

We arrived on the west bank of Paris on friday morning and forced ourselves to stay awake so that we could attend an afternoon fashion show at the glorious Galeries Lafayette.

france show1Anyone, by the way, can attend this fashion show   ~ you just have to secure your spot.  You can attend the free show like we did or you can arrange for a private fashion show (at a cost) but, fair warning, I’ve registered for the freebie show before and had difficulty because I didn’t have a France address.  I even submitted my hotel’s address where I would be staying… nope – didn’t work.  This time I had my mother call and use her address in France…we were “IN”!

The best part of Galeries Lafayette is not, however, the free fashion show.  Other than having 8 floors of every high-end designer’s latest collections, the BEST parts can be found on the roof and in the basement.  Huh?

Go to the roof for the best view of the city… other than from, you know, the Eiffel Tower…and the basement has the largest, and I mean the LARGEST shoe selection we had ever seen.  Our jaws dropped… our knees buckled…we fell to the floor with our arms raised to the heavens… 

The next day we went to the famous Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen where I treated myself to these beauties:

france earrings1Christian Lacroix earrings.  Another MUST see.  This marché is the oldest, largest and best market in Paris.  I do confess that after we scoured the market, we did return to the shoe department.  I KNOW ~ but believe me, we did not see all of the shoes on the previous day.  Really…it’s THAT big.

The next day we took a train to my mother’s home in southern France. She lives in a very small town where no one really speaks English.  But who cares when you can see this from her upstairs window?

france castle1Don’t you have a castle in your town?

We had 3 days of french cooking lessons. This was my personal fave:

pie1Tartelettes filled with crème patissière. We also learned how to make veau à la provencale and pomme de terre dauphinoise, amongst other french delights.   I’m feelin’ your envy.

We sadly had to leave my mother and, after barely catching our train back to Paris, we checked into our hotel on the left bank.  The left bank, in our opinion, has better shopping and lots of fun things to do and see. Such as:

france shoe1This awesome store where you purchase your pair of shoes, along with a selection of heels.

france mac1The world’s largest meringue cookies.  I called this “Lunch”.

france fur1Fun items to toss on when running errands.

france street1These were just laying on the street and I wondered “Hmm ~ are those my size?”

french wine1Proof that the French know how to party.

And so, after running out of euros, it became obvious that it was time for us to bid this city adieu.

france RJ1Au revoir, fabulous Paris!  Until we meet again.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Apr 9, 2014 | 16 comments

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Trying new things

Normally when I travel, I just blog my way through my trip.  One would never even know that I had left town because I’ve always stayed consistent by blogging 3 times a week.

I’m about to try a few new things. Firstly, tomorrow I leave for a quick little jaunt over to France.   So?  What’s new about that?

I’ve blogged before that my mother lives in France and that I go there a lot,  but never have I gone without my husband.  This time I will be going with one of my bestie girlfriends.

R&JThat’s right ~  IT’S A GIRLS TRIP!  The husbands are staying behind to, you know, protect the home front and all.  Oh, hey ~ wouldn’t this be a great time for you guys to knock out that “Honey Do” list?

Do you all understand what a Girls Trip really means???

It means that if we want to spend hours in one store ~ we can!   If we want to wear heels and dress cute so as not to be mistaken for tourists ~ we can!  And, if we want to only eat macaroons for dinner ~ we can do that too!

paris 3(image: telegraphUK)

Ok, so that’s the first thing I’ve never done…going on an international trip with a girlfriend.  I’ve also never left town and completely stopped blogging.

So for just a wee bit over a week, there will be NO new posts on my blog.  HOW CAN THIS BE?   Well, you see, I simply won’t have the time as we have a non-stop, action-packed agenda that we must adhere to.

 Of course we’re going to ~

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France,eat everything made out of butter  visit all the local “must see” sites.  And then we’ll

paris 1take in as much fabulous french wine art and culture as time allows, and

paris 2(images: virtual tourist)

shop like we elected the lump sum lottery payout pick up a few souvenirs for family and friends.

We will also be attending a Paris fashion show,  scoring major deals at the famous Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, receiving french cooking lessons from my mother, taking speedy train rides on the TGV and laying our heads down at night on both sides of the Seine River as we will be staying on the left AND the right bank.

The last thing I’ve never done before is Instagram my way through a trip.  Whadda mean you’re not on Instagram?   Don’t you realize that you’re missing out on some super fun images?  Like this:

insta(photo: Beckermanblog)

No need to freak, my friends.  Just follow along on my Instagram feed on the right column of this blog.  Assuming technology works, and it doesn’t always in parts of France, I plan to post pics along the way.

So I’ll be back to blogging in a week-ish.  Until then… Au revoir, Adiós, Arrivederci and TTFN.  And since I speak like no French whatsoever, what I really want to know is ~

Allez-vous me manquez lorsque je suis allé?


Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Mar 26, 2014 | 17 comments

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Signs of spring

YAY! Spring has finally sprung!

One of the first signs of spring is the sight of anything pastel.  Since I love a statement necklace:  Pastels + a Statement Necklace = SPRING FABULOUSNESS!


pnMine is from Jewelmint ~ worn yesterday to a beautiful Sunday brunch.

And even though I passed on the pastel dessert table…

pdMy husband said everyone heard me when I mumbled the words Nom Nom NomOh, sorry… I thought I was only thinking Nom Nom Nom.

Saving my calories, I found something else to drool over.  These pastel statement necklaces:

mint n1This stunner is from Nordstrom ~ with lots of colors to choose from.

pink nFORWARD by Elyse Walker offers this amazing piece.

turq nLovin’ this pastel blue from bebe.

yellow nFound this yummy one on Zappos.

multi nMy fave go-to, Bauble Bar, never let’s me down.

mint nOk- seriously.  Check the price on this mint beauty from SheInside.

peach nAnd this Anthropologie necklace is super peachy.

I’m so glad that spring is here.  EVERY sign of spring just makes me happy.  But this sign ~

funny-Robin-first-sign-springCracks me up!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Mar 24, 2014 | 6 comments

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