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The Little Things

Usually I like to wear large, substantial jewelry.  Big bold cuffs, super chunky necklaces and huge dangling earrings.  Not all at once, by the way.  I just enjoy wearing some kind of statement piece.

But when I received these delicate little beauties from julie vos, it reminded me just how special the little things can be. Launched in 2006, julie vos jewelry brings an elegant sense of ease.  It also sells out fast!


My Corsica Stack Ring in Labradorite, Lock Bangle and Key Bangle ~ all no longer available.  See what I’m talkin’ about?


julie vos doesn’t just make beautiful delicate pieces, she also creates stunners like these:

Catherine_Pendant_largeCatherine Pendant – $325 ~ Fab!

Mosaic_Cuff_Piccolo_Corsica_Station_Necklace_largeMosaic Cuff – $175 ~ Also Fab!

Acanthus_Statement_Earring_Scale_Julie_Vos_largeAcanthus Earrings – $110 ~ Yep, Fab!

JulieCollection_Tatiana_Maxann-14_largeTatiana Ring – $165 ~ and, hmm…what is that word I’m looking for? Oh ~ FAB!

So,  LUCKY FOR YOU,  julie vos is giving all More Than Turquoise followers a 20% discount off their first order.  Just use coupon code: morethanturq

You read it right … 20%off!

Shut the fab front door.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 15, 2014 | 3 comments

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Pretty Thrifty

So if you’re somehow, I dunno, “bothered” by the thought of entering into a resale, thrift, second-hand, vintage or consignment shop ~ all I’ve got to say about that is… Yippee!  More for me.

You see, if you don’t include these types of stores into your shopping mix then you are seriously missing out on some major deals.  That’s ok.  I’ll take them.


EVERYTHING I am wearing came from a resale, thrift and/or consignment shop. Everything ~ even the shoes… which, frankly, I don’t generally purchase unless they are are brand new and have the tags on them ~ and these did.

However, I know plenty of people who think differently about resale or consignment shoes.  I have a girlfriend who recently found a fab pair of leopard Loubies that were slightly worn for $155.  She couldn’t have cared less that another person’s foot had once walked in them.

thriftJL1My Outfit Rundown:  Jacket $25 (French consignment store) Handbag $35 (Gucci)  Skirt $17 (Ellen Tracy) Earrings $75 (Chanel) and Shoes $10 (GOMAX via thredUP)

I have purchased some major designer clothing and accessories over the years this way. Many of these items were BRAND NEW with their original tags and many were 70 – 90% off the retail price.  To me, it’s all about the HUNT and then the DEAL.  I’ve even scored awesome items that were once owned by famous women such as;  Kim Cattrall and Paula Abdul.  Yep – and there are some great stories behind those purchases.

Shopping this way is also known as “thrifting” and is a wise way to stretch your dollar, find amazing things AND it’s fun! Don’t be afraid to try it.

Locally I like to venture into the upscale resale boutique: Kouture Konsignment.  Online I thrift at thredUP…  and some of their pricing is cray-zee!


But I am no Master Thrifter, folks ~ but I do know one…and she has the real talent of finding items for just a few dollars each.  Meet fellow local blogger, Darlene, from whosaprettygirlSHE is the Master.  Darlene even does “Thrift-Overs” where she “Makes You Over” from local thrift stores!  Additionally she writes a monthly post on Thrift Town Thrift Stores blog.  Be sure to check both sites out.

So, if you thrift as well, please do share ~ What is your BEST score?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 12, 2014 | 14 comments

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MINU Jewels Giveaway

I recently had an opportunity to visit with Mina Hassan of MINU (pronounced My-New) Jewels at her design studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was excited to meet with her because I had read about MINU Jewels a few years back when her beautiful bracelets had landed in the 2007 Oscar winners swag bags.

“What a awesome accomplishment!” ~ I thought to myself ~ but it turns out that the appearance in the Oscar swag bags was just one of many places Mina’s jewelry could be found.

MINU Jewels are sold in high-end, upscale boutiques all over the world and in respected retailers, such as:  The Golden Bear, Free People, Max & Chloe and Open Sky.  They even sell their jewelry on the TV Shopping Network, ShopHQ.comGeez…I didn’t know all that.

minu collage

Here I’m wearing the Sardini necklace w/blue fire agate and carnelian beads w/a large agate slice (and I love, love, love it!) and this amazing solid silver cuff that once sold in the Free People catalog, can now be purchased here.

If these pieces are starting to look familiar, maybe it’s because they have been featured in Albuquerque the Magazine and the Albuquerque Journal,  as well as the very popular online magazines and


I’m enjoying wearing the  Zamoor earrings and the TAV bracelet, both are currently on sale!

And I’m having More Fun Than One Should Be Allowed To wearing this black onyx slice necklace. I am somewhat obsessed with it ~ mainly because I think the heavy chain gives it a bit of a rock-n-roll feel.

ox coll

So, here’s the part of the blog post I could barely wait to get to ~ I’m thrilled to inform you that Mina is going to give one lucky More Than Turquoise follower this Lapis chip gemstone wrap bracelet w/brush textured gold-plated beads ~ a $70 value! (the winner could select the aquamarine version of this bracelet, if they would prefer) and you don’t have to live in New Mexico to participate!

Now don’t you WISH this was yours?


OH, and just a cool side tidbit ~ this bracelet will be featured in the October/November issue of Siempre Mujer Magazine.  … Wish it was mine…WISH it was MINE!

Nope.  No having to toss a coin into the wishing well for this GIVEAWAY…


Just follow these easy instructions:

  • Enter the words “MINU Jewels”  in the comment section of this blog post. One entry per person.
  • Giveaway open to US only.  Entrants must be 18 or older. Family members of More Than Turquoise or family members/employees of MINU Jewels are not eligible.
  • Giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on September 17, 2014.

WISHING everyone the best of luck!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 10, 2014 | 32 comments

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A Gathering of Friends

OMG ~ OMG ~ OMG, You Guys!

OMG coll

I’m Going…I’M GOING!

Ok, so WHY exactly am I so excited and, perhaps even more importantly, why am I sporting this “all white” outfit?

So maybe a little explanation is in order.  You all have heard about the fabulous Dîner en Blanc that originated in Paris back in 1988, right?   You know, when a group of friends who hadn’t seen each other in years decided to reconnect with each other and they each brought a friend.  Come on…I know you’ve been hearing the buzz about this…

That party was such a blast that they decided to do it every year and continue to bring new guests and friends.  They then decided to start holding these “join in the following year” gatherings in some of Paris’s most beautiful locations. You all are with me, right?

paris(images courtesy of Dîner en Blanc)

Then the concept and party just got BIGGER and BIGGER each year and started branching out to other cities around the world, such as: Barcelona, Copenhagen, Moscow, Cape Town and Tokyo ~ just to name a few.  And, THEN, it was brought to the United States to cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Boston. And NOW… wait for it…it’s coming to Albuquerque!

deb abq

NOW do you understand why I’m so excited???  That’s right ~ Albuquerque is about to have a party like NO OTHER that this city has ever seen.  And I’ve got my registration confirmation email.  I’m sooo IN! 

I got “IN” during Phase 1 of the registration.  Phase 2 invitations go out tomorrow ~ September 9!  There IS, however,  a waiting list ~ but you can get on it by clicking here.

Dîner en Blanc literally means Dinner in White.  You, and hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of your girlfriends…

white woman

will dress in head-to-toe white.

white fan

And this goes for your man, too.  NO exceptions. Accessories must also be white, but metallic accessories are allowed. (If you’re needing some assistance with white clothing and accessories, be sure to contact Runway Apparel…they can help!)


You will conduct yourself with the greatest decorum and will follow proper etiquette.

white creative

And creativity is encouraged. Go for a white hat, white mask, white gloves.  But don’t forget ~ ELEGANT is the look you are striving for.

The location is top-secret and no one will know where they are going until right before the event begins.  Everyone will meet up at designated meeting points thoughout the city and will be taken to the event location via buses.  Attendees must bring their own:

white chair

Event approved sized table and 2 white chairs ~ along with a tablecloth and napkins (in white cloth, of course), 2 white (non-disposable) plates, 2 sets of cutlery and a complete meal for this “chic picnic” they are about to embark upon.


All the tables are lined up in proper order and you, and ALL your new friends, will wave your white napkins high up in the air and

white couple

enjoy the most ELEGANT dinner you’ve ever attended with lots of engaging conversations with your closest friends.


There will be a band, dancing and even SPARKLERS!


This is simply going to be AMAZING! I am so excited to attend this special dinner.

Dîner en Blanc Albuquerque will be Thursday, October 9, 2014.  Learn all the details and follow along here.

So tell me…


Will I be seeing YOU there?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 8, 2014 | 15 comments

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Moody Blues

Feeling BLUE?


No, not that kind of blue…I mean this kind of blue:


Navy Blue,  Air Force Blue, Cobalt Blue, Steel Blue and, let us not forget, Midnight Blue.  If you have paid any attention to the September issue of Vogue - PLEASE tell me that you paid attention to the September issue of Vogue – then you surely know what I’m talking about.  BLUE is one of the hot colors of the season, especially any darker shade of blue.


Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue.  Watch for it!


You’ll see accents of dark blue in an outfit, as well as head to toe.

I do confess that my dress and coat are Escada and from sooo many years ago, I actually FULL BODY SHUDDER  over their age…but apparently I knew what I was talkin’ about “back in the day”.

Shop the shudder-free look below:

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 5, 2014 | 14 comments

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WORTH your time

As cooler weather is quickly approaching, I find myself circling back to one of my most favorite luxury lines: WORTH New York.  As an avid collector, I have been spotted wearing WORTH clothing and accessories all around town, as well as on numerous blog posts.  I consider every piece of WORTH that I purchase as an invest in my wardrobe and know that these items will live in my closet for many, many years.

So I’m super excited to show you just a few of the fab looks from their current Fall Collection:

green collage

I’m loving this tweed fringe jacket with the matching bistretch  pant.  The fringe on the sleeves and collar is hand-made from an Italian tweed fabric.

bw collage1

This black and white sleeveless coat is 2 die 4 ~ as it can be worn as a dress or coat/vest.  And, seriously, how ’bout this patent leather circle handbag?   Cahhh-Yout!

Faux collage

My favorite piece in this collection happens to be this faux leather fringe jacket however, local representative (and my dear friend, Cris Abbott)  had me try on this:

bambi collage

Bambi print slim skirt ~ and someone had to call 911 because I was pretty much smokin’ hot on fire.

Now, the Fall Collection is still currently available and Cris will be holding her Fall/Winter Trunk Show on September 12 thru September 25.

The last time I posted about a WORTH Trunk Show, many of you reached out to me that you were disappointed that you missed it. Well, don’t let that happen to you again!  (Just contact Cris at 505-235-1934 or email: cabbott<at>worthnewyork<dot>com.)   Additionally, if you mention you saw this on More Than Turquoise, Cris will offer you FREE freight plus a special gift on your order.  If you’re not in Albuquerque, Cris can even meet with you online for a private shopping tour!

And so, if my pictures, and the special offer from my friend weren’t somehow tempting enough to cause you to leap into action ~ then perhaps a sneaky-peeky at the Winter Collection will.

I mean…what’s not to love?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Sep 3, 2014 | 12 comments

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