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THE Cardi

The casual and OH SO comfy cocoon cardigan ~

cocoon coll**   More Than Turquoise     ***    Pinterest     ***      Haute & Rebellious   **

Are you wearing one?

Shop the options.  Happy holiday weekend, everyone!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jul 3, 2015 | 2 comments

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Oh, Sweet Spongelle

Spongellé gifted me with a boxed daisy and a pedi buffer to try out and share my experience with others … and let me please just say … had I not personally tried these two items, then I would not be able to tell you

brandthat they are the BEST-est girlfriend gifts ever!

Of course you need to experience them for yourself, but then you’ve got to share them with your girlfriends.  I used to give my girlfriends my favorite facial masks (those who have received them know what I’m talking about)  but these are now my new GF gift faves.

gc usedHere’s Why:

Ok ~ starting with the boxed daisy (or body flower), this is a body wash infused buffer that exfoliates, hydrates, smoothes and rejuvenates your body from neck to toe and each is infused with yummy smelling  extracts  (mine had  yuzu, edelweiss and vetiver).    NOW…

spon box 1

Let me show you how to use them.

spongelleuWhew.  Aren’t you glad I spared everyone a YouTube video here?  I mean  … I AM talking about a full body buffer. 

(You’re welcome.)

Each boxed daisy is good for up to 14+ uses and has a unique surface that changes as you squeeze

spongelle11from exfoliating massage texture to soft as silk …  and gets super foamy!  … and there are 5 different “flavors” to choose from.

The pedi buffer goes “beyond cleansing” your tootsies to help sooth aches and pains

pedias they are infused with arnica, sea kelp and peppermint and will gently whisk away dry skin and callous.

spon box11They even have a time-released lather, are good for 30+ washes and have a patented technology.  And, guess what?  Each product is only priced at $16 each!

< insert HUGE smiley face here >

So ~ if you think you’d like to experience one or both of these two fab items for yourself, just click here and be sure to follow them on Instagram

ig pic

to see all the other fun products they serve up!

*** I was gifted these items to try and, again, this is just my little ‘ole opinion.  Thank you to Brand Backer and Spongellé for sponsoring this post.  And if you’re one of my girlfriends … please act surprised.

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jul 1, 2015 | 4 comments

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Feeding The Addiction

It’s no secret that I have a mild addiction to GiGi New York. Oh~ and with their sister company, Graphic Image,  too.

I mean, I’ve been spotted sporting their fab wares all over this blog and on all of my various social media platforms.

Please ~ allow me to jog your memory.  Here I am with

gi clutcmy Uber Clutch from a few winters ago …

gi journaln

with my Medium Travel Journal that I journaled my way through Asia with  …

gigi222with my All In One Bag perched on a chair inside of the beautiful Casa Esencia

GG22with my Parker Satchel about to hop on a plane …

I posted on Instagram this

gi ig1

stack of clutches, my travel journal, a Pocket Datebook, my Mini Book, and my trusty Tape Measure  and writing pen … and

giwith my Large Zip Case.   Seeeee what I’m talking about here?   Addicted.

So when the opportunity arose to visit the GiGi New York/Graphic Image headquarters ~ I. WAS. ALL. IN!

Just under 2 weeks ago, my husband and I were welcomed by the friendly folks at GiGi New York/Graphic Image and were treated to a special tour by one of the owners, Tom. (Tom, and his sister, Carol, own and operate the companies.)


We learned all about the various leathers and fabrics that they use and why, their embossing process, how each item is constructed from start to finish, witnessed the magic of their monogramming and even got a sneak peek at some new designs!   that have been consuming my every thought ever since.  


Tom was so friendly and kind, answering all of my/our many questions and as much as I tried to keep my hands at my side, I simply HAD to touch.

behind22… still touching …

So, as one might suspect, I confess to being a bit like a kid in a HUGE candy store.  You know ~ all wide-eyed and giggly  … oohing and aahing over everything that was in front of me.

gi touHere I  took the opportunity to point out to my husband just how much I love their desk diaries, especially this gold wash one, should he ever be at a loss for gift ideas … for me.  

I learned so much that day and have a new appreciation for all that goes into producing all of the fab GiGi New York and Graphic Image products.  My husband and I would again like to express our thanks to Tom, and everyone there that we met, for a really wonderful experience.

But, as they say, all good things must ultimately come to an end.  #SadFaceWithATear

So imagine my heart-racing glee when I received this gorgeous

tiff1c/o  Fold-Over Clutch!


… the addiction continues. 

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jun 29, 2015 | 3 comments

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Made For You

See this sweet little ring of mine?


Yep. I’m talking about …

cuparrow1this ring.  One of my most fashionable friendies likes to wear her ring in this same spot.  #InspiredBy

Kind of hard to miss which ring I’m referring to since no other rings are gracing my fingers ~ but I specifically did this for a reason.  You see, my c/o ring is from Anjolee

anjone of the fabbest online diamond jewelry stores on the web today.

What makes Anjolee so fab is that all of their diamond jewelry is customizable!


Seriously.  Just go spend a little time on their site because when you shop at Anjolee,  you get to select your metal type,  your diamond size, the diamond quality and even the length on necklaces and the like. This is so very helpful and really helps you to stay within your budget.

Anjolee also offers a super great selection of gemstone jewelry with several birthstones to select from, should a diamond somehow not be your thang. Lucky for me, diamonds are my thang and my birthstone as well. … Snicker.

Nothing like starting your day off right … RIGHT?   Now go get yourself some jewelry!

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jun 26, 2015 | 7 comments

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NOVICA Giveaway 2

With all of the fun 4th of July celebrations now less than two weeks away, NOVICA wants to give one More Than Turquoise follower an additional reason to celebrate!


Now ~ we all know NOVICA, right?  I mean, it was only just a few months ago that I held a previous NOVICA Giveaway and told you all about the good that they do.  NOVICA lives by one simple mantra: Spread Happiness.

NOVICA is an online site offering unique treasures crafted by artisans from all around the world, many living in rural communities. For every item you purchase, NOVICA gives back by impacting artisans and their communities.

Click here to see just how much exactly NOVICA have given back thus far!  Now THAT is spreading some serious happiness!

nov top coll

Recently I acquired c/o NOVICA this top … here I am with their model.   I KNOW, we’re practically twinzies.

hy coll

and these earrings that I plan to wear this 4th of July.  The top is from India and the earrings are from Thailand.  Each arrived with a lovely handwritten note from the artisan.

So what was all this additional reason to celebrate stuff I mentioned above? Well, with the success of my previous NOVICA giveaway, NOVICA asked if  I’d like to do it again  ~ just in time for the 4th of July.  .. and WHO am I to say NO? 

Here’s the scoop, my friends: NOVICA wants to give one lucky More Than Turquoise follower a $50 gift card!  The winner can apply their gift card towards items for him or for her, clothing, jewelry, gifts, and more as NOVICA has over 45,000 unique items to choose from.

Entering this giveaway is easy ~ simply type the word NOVICA in the comments section of this post. *** must be 18 or older and live in the United States.  Giveaway ends on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 11:59PM PST.  The lucky winner will be notified via email.


Good Luck, Everyone and Happy Pre-4th of July!    Heeey~ Holiday colors! See how I did that there?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jun 24, 2015 | 57 comments

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36 Reasons

To love Anthropologie, if for no other reason, simply for their shoes.

Just click on each picture for the fab details.

Are you an Anthro fan?

Posted by Jamie Lewinger on Jun 22, 2015 | 1 comment

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